Hyderabad Cyber Towers Façade

ACE Urban
Competition Entry

The Hyderabad Cyber Towers is an iconic structure located in HITEC city, Hyderabad, the hub of Information Technology.

We worked on a few design concepts which focused on revamping the façade of this building. The existing building has a double-skin façade.

A double-skin façade is a system of building consisting of two skins, or façades ,placed in such a way that air flows in the intermediate cavity. Such a structure leads to high energy savings of up to 20 or 30% and design elements act as solar shading devices inside the cavity.

Our design options are mentioned below.


cyber tower 1

Façade of the Building


Inspired to be the ‘Crowned Jewel’ of Hyderabad, this modern interpretation uses triangulated patterns inset with photovoltaics. The entire form resembles a crown accentuated by small ‘jewel’ lights at the top of the building.The digital display is a large LED screen which is set within the overall structure of the exoskeleton. Each ‘square’ within the exoskeleton will be further broken down into smaller squares for this design.

cyber tower eyelets

Natural Geometry

Inspired by the fact, ‘Nature Prefers HEXAGONS’, this façade design chooses the hexagon shape for the exoskeleton. Also, hexagonal cells require the least total length of wall, compared with triangles or squares of the same area.

cyber tower hexagon


The exoskeleton is ‘tessellated’ in a folded pattern based on origami – the faces are a combination of solar PV and Copper, ensuring that the design is sustainable.Some of the faces are left without an infill.

cyber tower origami

Lit Lace

The concept is to have a lacy look on the façade with the lighting enhancing the effect. A digital scrolling display on top of the building along further lighting adds a ‘crown’ to the building.

lit lace cyber tower

Tessellated Patterns

Scalar modulation of the exoskeleton can also be done through a variety of patterns. Various tessellations which respond to a triangular mesh are a possible fit. These will be reminiscent of Nawabi Hyderabad as they are timeless patterns part of our heritage.

jaali 1 cyber tower


By using a combination of modern and traditional application of brick, the building gets a new look.The slanted walls will ‘fill in’ the building recesses, reinventing the look of this building and breaking its cylindrical mould.

This option would showcase traditional craft of brick “jaali”work. Adding a vertical windmill on the top of the building and solar PV’s on a rooftop pavilion are the features of sustainability planned for this option.

brick cyber tower

Solar Discs

In this option, Solar Panel Discs are added to the façade at the intersection of the exoskeleton.

Based on the principle of the ventilated façade, this option ensures a well performing solar  installation. A green trellis wall is added on extensions within the building recesses.

This design executes sustainability through the use of green walls and solar PV’s. The curvature of the cylindrical building responds well to the addition of these discs.

solar discs cyber


Vertical fins are added at the intersections of the diagonal grid of the exoskeleton, completely transforming the shape of the building.This concept makes the building look slender and visually alters its proportion as well. A digital display is added to the building recesses.

Cyber Tower_fins