Archifever, WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE: “THE WORLD IS WAKING UP TO HER” – The world is undergoing a dramatic change where the women race is coming out of there nutshells, there secured environment and is taking a stand for herself in the male dominated society. Several women architects have had considerable success in recent years, gaining..

The 9 Best Indian Architects You Should Know

The Culture Trip: The 9 Best Indian Architects You Should Know – For architects, there is a rich legacy in both the palaces and the mud huts of India. There is also inspiration in international architecture, its traditions and innovations. Amid these plural influences, contemporary Indian architects discover a style for contemporary India. The website..

Elle Decor India

Elle Decor India: In conversation with SHEILA SRI PRAKASH –  Regarded as the first Indian female architect to set up her own firm in the country, she is well-known for her socio economically sensitive urban and rural projects. Sheila Sri Prakash is an award winning Architect and Designer who Founded Shilpa Architects in 1979. She..


18 Jul 2014, Photographs from FORM AND FUNCTION: A very distinct and captivating sculpture show featuring works of various artists at Gallery Veda @ Shilpa Architects.

Learn How to Turn Concrete Green

28 Jul 2014, The New Indian Express: Learn How to Turn Concrete Green with Pavitra Sri Prakash, Chief Designer and Director of Shilpa Architects.

The Hindu: Sculpting diverse stories

24 Jul 2014, The Hindu: Sculpting diverse stories – Fourteen artists, 38 pieces, varied media and themes come together at ‘Form and Function,’ an exhibition of sculptures at Gallery Veda @ Shilpa Architects