Rammed Earth Wall by Shankar Durgaiah

Introduction Lets unravel the Rammed Earth Wall, an innovative material and an interesting technique of construction…a technique used from time in memorial. Firstly, let me introduce myself… I am Shankar, shortly SAN (and I like to be called this way). I have been with the Shilpa team for 1.5 yrs. My design team and I work..

Vida Cotidiana y sostenibilidad by Monica Galindo

Me gustaría empezar esta serie de reflexiones hablando sobre mi forma de vivir en India comparada con la de España para valorar como el cambio de cultura y la vida cotidiana asociada a esta conlleva consecuencias para el medio ambiente, intentando comprender en que puedo mejorar mi estilo de vida para ser más sostenible.  La..

Building Orientation by Pavitra Sri Prakash

Shilpa Architects: Cethar Vessels – Building Orientation Study Architecture is not just a 3 dimensional art. It has also to respond not only to the time of the year; but also to every minute of the day! After the sunrise, it traverses the sky over different seasonal trajectories till sunset. This has varying impacts inside..