Radio One 94.3

Radio One 94.3

Apr 2015, Radio One 94.3: Pavitra Sri Prakash, the Chief Designer and Director of Shilpa Architects was featured on Radio One’s Square Foot segment on 6th Apr 2015. She will be coming to you live throughout the month of April speaking about Real Estate, Architecture, Interior Design and sustainability measures.  

The Hindu – Get the Picture

11 Feb 2014, The Hindu: Get the picture – Photographers are not born; everyone can create, says photographer Raghu Rai whose works are on display in the city by, Geeta Padmanabhan. Raghu Rai’s India, A solo exhibition of one of India’s most celebrated photographers, Raghu Rai will be on from 9th Feb to 20th..

28 Jul 2013, The Hindu

28 Jul 2013, The Hindu: Of matters spatial – Pioneering architect Sheila Sriprakash speaks to K. Pradeep about the need for socially responsible architecture and the frustrating haphazardness of urban design. Also read the interview at    

28 Jul 2013, Deccan Chronicle

28 Jul 2013, Deccan Chronicle – BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: Eminent Architect Sheila Sri Prakash talks about the values of Indian Architecture, How adopting them to modern Architecture can create aesthetic spaces…in a conversation with Jiji Ann Cherian.

Salon Del Mobile

SALON DEL MOBILE, 09 Apr 2013: India through the eyes of a woman – “(Sheila Sriprakash) represents one of the most exciting emerging stars of the first Design Summit, organized by the Corriere della Sera at Palazzo Mezzanotte…” . Use browser translate to read in English.