The Sandalwood Room (Singapore)

  20 Nov 2014, The Sandalwood Room (Singapore): Lovely client and design testimonial received from Jayshri Mani of The Sandalwood Room and Deepika Shetty, an art critic. Space was designed by Pavitra Sriprakash, the Chief Designer and Director of Shilpa Architects.

The Sandalwood Room – Photoshoot

  Aug 2014: Project Focus – Sandalwood Room (Singapore). Come inspire the artist in you at The Sandalwood Room. We understand the art lover in you, who looks for the detail, someone who goes beyond the ordinary. Come and appreciate the finer things in life. Stop by, envelope yourself in a room full of creative..

Project Focus: Sandalwood Room, Singapore

  Apr 2014: Project Focus – Sandalwood Room (Singapore) The sandalwood room is a shophouse renovation project located off Orchard Road in Singapore. A two storey shophouse as part of the Prinsep Street of restaurants, the property is unique in its shop house characteristics. The small front yard and private gate is a feature unlike..