Energy Efficiency at Shilpa

ACE update (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) is a monthly magazine covering news and analysis on construction and infrastructure sectors. It offers latest update and detailed analysis of information with regards to the architectural update, infrastructure development, construction activities, real estate update, construction equipment, project financing etc.

In the October 2017 issue on energy efficient and sustainable buildings, our Chief Designer and Direction Ms.Pavitra Sriprakash wrote on how the design studio at Shilpa met the criteria.

She spoke on the user friendly and responsive design which further increases the utility and efficiency of  work. She also highlighted the hybrid cooling system of the building and threw light on the solar power used in the office.

“A perfect blend of old and new technology for a modern day solution that brings about a savings of 60 per cent over conventional methods”, she ended referring to the design at Shilpa.

ACE_Oct 2017