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New Indian Express – Expert Talk

New Indian Express, 26 Apr 2012: Expert Talk – As a world renowned Architect, Sheila Sri Prakash has been invited to serve on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Design Innovation, a 16 member team of international experts in design and innovation, to improvise planning and developments in different states. She has also..

Emerging Building Technologies

Times of India, 21 Apr 2012: EMERGING BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES The use of cutting-edge building technology such as prefabrication and Fiber-to-the-Home are slowly replacing the existing conventional construction technology. NIDHI ADLAKHA has more on this trend . . . Adopting technologies that lower the overall cost of construction, reduce the time taken to complete a project..

Project Vendor: Expert Speak

  Project Vendor Magazine, Apr 2012: EXPERT SPEAK – For the future of our cities – the new “Green” is “Teal”. Sheila Sri Prakash writes about India having around 570 million people living in cities by 2030 and therefore the urgent need to create better urban living environments.

DNA Property: Sustainability and ‘green’ architecture

DNA Property (Mumbai), 17 March 2012: Sustainability and ‘green’ architecture. Concepts of sustainability and green architecture were deliberated recently during a round table, where Sheila Sri Prakash, Chief Architect and member of the network of global agenda council of WEF, said, “We talk a lot about sustainability but there is a need for holistic approach..

Sun News: Sheila Sri Prakash interview

Sun News, 11 Septemper 2011: Sheila Sri Prakash is interviewed by tamil news channel of Sun TV for her views on the future of Architectural education. The live interview covered questions from callers who were interested in pursuing a career in the field of Architecture and Design.