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Evolving Context of sustainability

The IFJ Seminars & Workshops: 01 Oct 2011 – Evolving Context of sustainability. Sheila Sri Prakash has been instrumental in establishing the Indian Green Building Council and is an award winning designer and internationally renowned authority and proponent of sustained development. In this video she speaks about HOLISTIC SUSTAINABILITY.    

Rammed Earth Wall by Shankar Durgaiah

Introduction Lets unravel the Rammed Earth Wall, an innovative material and an interesting technique of construction…a technique used from time in memorial. Firstly, let me introduce myself… I am Shankar, shortly SAN (and I like to be called this way). I have been with the Shilpa team for 1.5 yrs. My design team and I work..


Sheila Sri Prakash, the Chief Architect of Shilpa Architects was invited as a speaker for the “Building Sustainable and Liveable Cities of the Future of India” event in Delhi held on 22 Feb 2012. The event was organized by the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) in association with State Government of Victoria (Australia) Business Office...