Sheila Sri Prakash

Sheila Sri Prakash is an internationally acclaimed Architect, Urban Designer, and Sustainability Expert, who founded Shilpa Architects Planners Designers in 1979. In July 2016, Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, The World Economic Forum has invited her to be part of the 25-member Global Future Council on the Future of Environment and Natural Resource Security. They recently met at Dubai at the Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils 2016 to help the Council develop pertinent insights and collaboratively shape solutions to improve the state of the world. She formulated the Reciprocal Design Index, in 2013 when she was part of their Global Agenda Council for Design Innovation to establish, document and incentivize sustainable design of cities.

She has been the keynote speaker at several prestigious venues around the world, such as:

  • World Economic Forum (in Switzerland, Dubai, UAE & China)
  • UN Habitat III Conference in Oct 2016 (Quito, Ecuador)
  • 2012 Infrastructure Summit as part of the London Olympics (UK)
  • Milan Design Summit (Italy)
  • Bloomberg’s Brainstorm Green (Singapore)
  • Kuala Lumpur Design Summit (Malaysia)
  • USGBC Annual Conference (USA)
  • AIA Japan in Tokyo
  • Business World Summit on Internet of Things & Smart Cities
  • Design 361 conference (Mumbai)

She heads Shilpa Architects’ global practice and has been named to:

  • Top 10 Most Influential Architects by Construction Global Magazine
  • Top 100 Architects in the world by Il Giornale Dell’ Architecture
  • Architectural Digest – 50 most influential names in Architecture
  • Archute Top 40 Architects of the 21st century

Sheila has a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the Anna University School of Architecture and Planning and also attended the Executive Education Program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

Her portfolio includes several critically acclaimed architectural projects in India and around the world. She is a bharathantyam dancer, musician, and a passionate patron of the Arts.