Shilpa Architects Concept Design Master Plan Dubai Town

Multi Faith Center

The iconic design of the Multi Faith Centre is through a progression of geometric forms that is evolved from the circle, square and triangle. The intersects of their planes are like the coming together of various faiths. It is a very large congregational space on the first level, over which rises the tower of intersecting geometries, and covered at the top. Through an opening at its centre sun light streams down to light the congregational space.

The second level has alcoves formed by the intersecting geometries, which are the places for meditative contemplation overlooking placid water bodies on the periphery, or by focusing on the energy of the sun rays within the tower.

The Multi Faith Centre is the only towering structure in the entire development, and its faceted planes reflects the theme of the development – The Fabrics of India.

Multi Purpose Hall

Multi Purpose Hall is the event venue planned for the project. With a large adjoining waterfront park, this space can be combined with the outdoor spaces to have large indoor outdoor-type events. This building is the Landmark Historic Building on site and has been designed accordingly.

The space is designed as three separate halls with connecting landscape courts as semi-outdoor feeling features with clere storeys and planting, extremely flexible and amenable to any type of meeting, function, exhibition, conference, wedding or trade show.