The development is envisaged with a focus on “boardwalks” and “bamboo gardens”. Considering that the site is prone to flooding, all habitable spaces as well as walkways connecting the rooms and public areas are connected by a bamboo boardwalk. Completed with natural materials which are also very sustainable, the boardwalk becomes the armature that is the movement corridor on site. The interstitial spaces are naturally landscaped with bamboo gardens forming a floating light garden at night.

 The main entry of the site is centrally located off the existing formed road on the western boundary of the site which brings in all the vehicular traffic. The entrance is thereby formed at the west side of the site. Car parking spaces are provided along the western site boundary. The main road has a circular node from which smaller roads branch off for segregating service and guest drop off vehicles. A service road provides for easy loading to all the kitchen and store areas. The rest of the site is completely maintained for pedestrian movement only.