KGI Garment Factory

The street facing facade of the building
KGI Garments

The KGI Garment Factory is a LEED Rated, Sustainable Green Factory. Housing close to 500 employees in a built up area of 87,188.4 Square Feet, it is a state-of-the-art facility.

Located within Sri City in Tada, Andhra Pradesh, the major requirement from the client was to design the factory with maximum natural light.

The solution was in the detailing of the roof, where “skylights” were created.This would bring in ample sunlight while keeping the space cool and comfortable for the factory workers. The room temperature is maintained through a hybrid system combining turbo vents that are installed on the roof.

The “air change” was configured to be 5 times per hour. “S” type Louvered ventilators were also installed on East and West side of the multipurpose hall factory.


The entrance to the factory

The smart use of skylights eliminated the usage of electricity for lighting during the day time completely, as it provided 100% natural day lighting. The combined effect from the ventilation and skylight interventions alone will result in an energy savings of 48%*.

Local architectural techniques using the adobo rammed earth technology gives the facade its unique flavor and allows for local craftsman to showcase their skill on an International Factory.

Factory workers stitching under skylights


  • Office building adjoining houses daily staff function such as kitchen, locker rooms, dining and a creche.
  • The pavilion is a meeting area for showcasing finished products to international clients
  • The typical factory hall is designed for up to 384 workers for stitching with the rest of the areas earmarked for cutting, finishing and ironing.
  • Sixty locations for skylight maintain the “lux” levels as per required standards making this a completely naturally day-lit building.
  • Thirty turbo vents maintain room temperature within the factory shed providing ample ventilation without air conditioning.

Abodo rammed earth wall

Rammed Earth Wall

The Rammed Earth, a technique of construction using natural materials derives its origin from ancient times. Today, it has been revived as a sustainable building material.

It’s superior thermal mass ensures appropriate temperature control inside the building. This temperature stability makes it comfortable for the workers even during extreme weather conditions.

The wall provides sound insulation which makes it easier for the factory workers to concentrate on their work. Such muting of external noise can be beneficial for those requiring a quiet interior environment.

Another advantage of rammed earth walls is that they’re maintenance comes at a low cost. It proves worthy as an investment as they stand in good stead for at least 10 to 20 years. Also, the walls don’t need finishing and this saves time and money.

In addition to all this, these structures are fire proof and provide substantial bracing to buildings. They can be artistically and creatively worked on using elements such as patterns, reliefs, shaped windows and feature stones.

Interior Shots

The KGI Garment Factory is now globally recognized as a Gold LEED Certified Building for its Sustainable Design.


*projected through simulation

KGI Garment Factory