Mahindra World City Clubhouse, New Chennai

Mahindra Lifespace Developers

Mahindra World City Club designed to enhance the communal fabric of Mahindra World City. It harnesses the pioneering ideals of

Indo Centric Reciprocity and Holistically Sustainable Design Thinking.

Responding to its geography, the building is composed of an organic freeform nestled between the hillside and lakeside. The architectural program leverages its location and proximity to the lake, and wraps into its location.  A freeform was adopted not only as a response to the geography but also to reflect the playfulness and relaxation that the environment will provide.

The curved planning is strategized to focus views within and outside the site. Keeping with the theme of one-with nature, the aqua blue shingles shimmers like the lake’s waters through the roofs’ clearstories, or heighten the visual experience by its shadow play and reflections under the roof overhangs, as if the Club is “floating in space”.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for the space comes from the form of the majestic peacock, which is the national bird of India. The design weaves in and out of the form of a fan, symbolized by a dancing peacock to achieve a carefully constructed connection to the natural environment.

Commitment to Sustainability

Swales are a feature that sit as part of the main lawns and offers an efficient ground water recharge system during the monsoon months.

Rain chains along the exterior corridors are proven and cost effective measures to convey rain water run–offs.

‘Fish scale’ aqua bands that are part of the façade is an architectural method of conveying rainwater to the ground.

Light is reflected from the ceilings by the tiles which create a blue reflection on the underside of the roof overlaps.

The day lighting in most spaces within the club have been maximized based on optimal orientation and site placement of the built form vis-a-vis the open landscape areas.


The material palette employs a range of earthy architectural as well as rapidly renewable materials which ties the architecture very well into the natural environment it is set within.

Mahindra World City Club New Chennai Architecture and Design by Shilpa Architects Planners Designers




Sporting Facilities


This building was awarded a Gold LEED Certification in 2016. It is now part of an exclusive group of buildings that match up to global standards of sustainability.

MWC Club - Gold certificate