A total of 113kVA of solar power is expected to be harnessed from the rooftop of the Multi Purpose Hall. This accounts for approximately 17% of the total electricity required daily. The residences also have the capability of harnessing 135kVA of electricity through the solar Photovoltaics on the rooftop. This could be connected to the day time usage of appliances and motors within the Residences. The total possible solar energy from both these sources can contribute upto 37% of the total required electrical load.


The planting and sewage treatment plant form a closed loop on site. The STP will produce an estimated treated greywater of 60m3 per day and it is possible to use the treated water on site for all the landscape requirements, making it a zero waste discharge site.

On Site Waste Management

All Solid Waste is segregated from source using two streams for dry wastes and wet waste (non- organic and organic). At the building level spaces for recycling bin and collection rooms are provided. Organic waste is treated on site through a biogas plant, the type of system proposed is an anaerobic digester which is located in the setback and under ground. 1 ton of waste produces about 300m3 of bio-gas. This could be considered as a supplemental fuel source. Alternately a compost plant could be planned in order to create manure from the organic waste. The plan aims to divert all waste from the landfills.