The entrance to the building is marked by a tribute to a Hindu deity, "Vishvakarma", considered to be the divine ARCHITECT! The sculpture is hand crafted specially by artisans from the Bhavani district of Tamil Nadu. In order to add local artisan touch as well, the modern "Mandap" was crafted in Mahabalipuram.

Continuing with the idea of the "Temple of Design", the grand door is inspired by traditional temple paneled door. With antique brass detailing, the door stands a majestic 12 feet in height and has to be opened by each and every visitor in order to experience the feeling of having entered the space.

Upon entry, one steps into the "Akhand" which is inspired by continuity through the same treatment for the floor, ceiling and walls thereby living up to its Sanskrit meaning - UNBROKEN! Treated with the most basic building block of Architecture, the space is built using country brick bonding technique.

The double height reception connects to the above workspaces both visually and aurally. The reception itself is treated with simple rustic material and one gets the first glimpse of exposed concrete ceilings.

The character-building element that is interpreted throughout the spaces in varying form, scale and composition is the company logo inspired trellis detail.