Landscape Features

As part of the landscape, varieties of native trees have been planted. Decorative trees like palm and gulmohar are planted along the front entry. The traditional Neem and Peepal trees form the central feature of the play court of KG Block, they also filter air that blows across, and integrates gurukula concept of learning. Shade trees and fruit trees like Mango, Papaya and Guava dot the western edge of the site to provide shading from the harsh rays of the western sun. Ayurvedic shrubs like thulsi and amla, are planted along the nature trail on the periphery of the site to assist with the education in Indian medicine and to provide medicinal value. Multiple coconut trees provide shade and tower the school building, creating interesting shadows based on the time of the day and rays of the sun. The Residential Block is surrounded by an Organic Garden, and are filled with plants that grow easily on Indian soil, like tomatoes, Eggplant, Chilli, Ladies Finger, and different varieties of Gourd. The Organic Garden also serves as a recreational activity for students to grow their own fruits and vegetables.