ECOLOGIC: The harmful effects of using Bleach

15 Oct 2016, New Indian Express: ECOLOGIC- Pavitra Sriprakash, the Chief Designer and Director of Shilpa Architects writes about choosing safe and non-toxic cleaning products.


Have you noticed the white bleach powder which is being added around all local garbage dumps lately? Every morning, a generous amount of white bleach powder is sprinkled by a corporation worker around the garbage bins in the city with the aim of sanitizing the area around it and keeping it germ and bacteria free. While keeping an area clean is a commendable task, we need to find the right way to achieve this without hurting or affecting the environment that surrounds these garbage bins. There is also a thought that this may deter animals from going through the garbage bins. But, with the large amounts of unsegregated garbage being dumped in these bins, it is going to continue attracting strays in spite of the bleach on the ground. This will further cause health issues and often death in these animals due to the levels of toxins that build up with them rummaging around for food in these bins.

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