ECOLOGIC: It may be economical but not eco-friendly

16 Jan 2017, New Indian Express: ECOLOGIC- Pavitra Sriprakash, the Chief Designer and Director of Shilpa Architects writes about selecting recycled materials as sustainable alternatives.


FA is a fine powder — a byproduct from burning pulverized coal in electric power plants. It is a pozzolan, a substance containing aluminous and siliceous material that forms a compound similar to Portland cement in the presence of lime and water. Cement, usually constitutes about 11% of the volume of concrete. It is energy intensive to produce, and a high source of CO2 (a significant contributor of greenhouse gases). Worldwide research to find supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) that reduce cement used in concrete has identified FA as a suitable candidate. It has since gained acceptance and found many applications in the construction industry.

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