ECOLOGIC: Recycle Demolition Debris

An opportunity begging to be capitalized? “Recycle Demolition Debris” 

09 Jan 2016, New Indian Express: ECOLOGIC- Pavitra Sriprakash, the Chief Designer and Director of Shilpa Architects writes about the importance of sustainable practices in the construction industry.

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New Indian Express - ECOLOGIC - Recycle Demolition Debris

Excerpt from the article:

An example from one of my recent projects was the use of a motorcycle chain scrap. The pattern formed by the punching out of the motor cycle chain material fitted perfectly with the requirement for the design of a recycling centre!  The chain scrap was easily woven into segregated baskets — one each for paper, plastic, cardboard, glass and organic allowing users to separate and segregate their waste at source for easy recycling.” 

Pavitra Sriprakash (@pavisriprakash), the Director and Chief Designer of Shilpa Architects is an Architect, Urban Designer, Dancer and Artist. She writes a weekly column for The New Indian Express on sustainability titled ECOLOGIC.