The Defining Few – Women in architecture


Sheila Sriprakash,the chief architect and founder of Shilpa Architects is featured in “The Defining few- Women in architecture” by the Elle Decor

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Sheila Sri Prakash, Shilpa Architects
Sheila Sri Prakash is recognised as the first woman in India to have started and operated her own architectural practice in 1979. This dynamic individual traces back her journey to 1987 when she was given an opportunity by the World Bank to design a prototype for the theme—“Shelter for the Shelter-less”, resulting in prototypes of “Incremental Housing”. She received global recognition after being invited to join the “Design Innovation Council” by the World Economic Forum for their Global Agenda Summit in 2011. Her more recent victory was when her company Shilpa Architects won a competition to design an upcoming town in Dubai. Inspired by the Indian arts, crafts and culture, Sheila’s father always brought her up to believe that everything was achievable through dedication and hard work. When asked what was one stereotype, aspiring female architects should be free from in today’s context, she shares, “The feminine instincts of women serve as our key strengths and differentiate our approach from that of our male counterparts. These include the ability to empathise, to nurture a positive environment for the overall growth of humanity, in harmony with our planet, amidst compulsions and constraints with innate motherly instincts.”

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