FAB Biennale 2018-19: Out of the Shadows

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Over the years, India has seen stalwart architects create incredible benchmarks, define and redefine the skyscape of India. As the second generation in illustrious firms take over, questions of identity, process and vision become game changers while negotiating the future of such practices. 

The FAB Biennale 2018-19 invited the current and future generations of four leading practices in India to participate in the “OUT OF THE SHADOWS” concept installation.

Shilpa Architects, under the leadership of Ar. Sheila Sriprakash, and Ar. Pavitra Sriprakash have portrayed the design philosophy of the firm as the studio enters its 40th year in 2019. 

The installation is part of the FAB Biennale and will be showcased at Rajkamal Studios, Parel, Mumbai. The young practitioners will join a panel discussion at the venue to share the tectonic shift in the processes and equations, as well as address the challenges, opportunities and combined vision for their practices.  

Doors are open to public viewing on 23rd and 24th February, from 11 AM to 7 PM. Inviting all our friends, clients and well-wishers to view the installation and meet the Architects.

A chance to ponder over how these practices will evolve and shape their surroundings in the future....