Factual Fictions – Online Preview

Factual Fictions by VG Venugopal 

“Venugopal’s visual language reflects a seamless assimilation of varied elements over the period of his practice, pertaining to concept, content and technique. A central theme in his work has been the exploration of urbanism, often routed through his personal experience. Underlying the imagery of a built landscape is a deep engagement with notions of displacement and migration, and questions of home, belonging and identity, that are shared feelings in this world of trans-national and trans-regional entities. The artist’s paintings appear to be built around the understanding of reality and its transmutation into imaginary narratives through creative devices. His process involves a remarkable ability to continually disintegrate and reassemble aspects of his environment, manipulating meanings and making fictional worlds from factual experiences.”

Lina Vincent

Exhibition on until 31st October 2016


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