Gallery: Enchanted Realms

Enchanted Realms exhibition is open from 9th July to 30th September 2017 at Gallery Veda at Shilpa Architects. 

Enter Enchanted Realms, where you are escorted like a sleepwalker into a surreal dreamland, only to fall under the spell of artistry. Metaphors manifest as visual imagery in this collective show where eight artists explore hidden realms: a world inside a fish, men and cows bonding, primordial forms in mercurial metal and reinterpretations of the human figure. Their imagination makes leaps into nature’s bountiful paradise, also in arresting manmade geometry. Time appears to expand in these dissected universes as mythology, duality, emotive expressions and visual anomalies surround you with a strange intensity.

Man’s relationship with nature, animals, with others and self is seen in the vivid works of Ashok Parate. Anupriya’s ephemeral canvases draw from the erotic sentiment of Kangra painting and the exquisite art of miniature painting. Anand Shinde intersects the world of nature with objects in his translucent Cubist-inspired explorations. Kartikeyan Pitchaimallian evokes sensations, moulding metal to enigmatic forms that expand our consciousness. S.K. Srinivasan brings his unique ideology to merge science and technology as sculptural art.  Sunil Kumar’s paintings are mythological reflections bringing dream-like associations with flying turtles and castles in the sky.  Umakant Kanade’s works intend to mesmerize the viewer with their monochromatic renditions in seductive tonalities, superimposing geometry and nature. Rajesh Kumar Singh’s crystal-like collages are abstract compositions of nature, mimicking metamorphosis.

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