Healthy spaces

Obesity is one of the major problems plaguing the world today, causing severe health damages to those affected. On this World Obesity day, we at Shilpa highlight the importance of being in spaces which ensure good health and fitness.

We worked on a site with an uneven landscape where the highest level was 63m and the lowest, 23m leaving us with a site gradient of 43m. Instead of deciding to flatten it and build, we chose to use the inherent nature of the land to benefit the residents

                                                 The nature of the construction site


We created different tiers of movement to encourage more physical activity. There are cycling trails, garden walk trails, jogging trails and a hiking trail, all at different levels. When a person moves out of his home, by the time he reaches a common destination, he completes 10-20% of his daily recommended walking time.

                                                      Provision of different levels of movement


                                                                      Different trails created


We have also constructed an outdoor gym, a clubhouse, an outdoor yoga space, a garden, which serve as connecting nodes between each of these 12 storey buildings.

                                                              The building Master Plan
On this World Obesity Day, we as an organization pledge to create more spaces that facilitate good health and encourage fitness. Let’s build a better world.