Light up!


An article on the importance of the right balance of lighting in homes written by our head of Interior Design, Vaebhav Udhayayan, was featured recently in the Times of India.

Vaebhav’s work is dominated by Interior Design & Turn-key project execution for key clients in India & Abroad. His portfolio includes work for Retail, Hospitality, and Financial Service sectors including residential projects for Luxury Residences. His meticulous planning and client / vendor coordination skills at all stages of the projects help clients realize their dream office/business/home.  He has an eye for carefully selecting sustainable and rapidly renewable products for many aspects of the interiors and exteriors of spaces.



Below is the article written by Vaebhav

Light up

1.Lighting plays a valuable role in setting the moods of spaces- it can enhance spaces tremendously and is often the most underestimated tool in a designer’s kit.

2.Most residences in urban cities today lack natural light and sources of artificial light seem to be taking over.

3.When analyzing a typical home we find there are functional spaces – areas where we cook, dine, sleep and study. There are also spaces for leisure which combine function and relaxation like the living, bedroom or den where it becomes crucial to balance the types of lights.

4.The broad categories of lighting any space are general and decorative lighting.

5.Decorative lighting  could include crystal chandeliers, pendent lights, floor lamps, wall mounted luminaries and other forms of indirect lighting that add to the aesthetic value of a space by setting the ambiance.

6.In the case of a living room, it’s important to have both general and decorative lighting thereby allowing the space to adapt to the requirement.

7.In the case of a Study, the focus is toward function and lighting can be enhanced by the addition of a simple task light or table-lamp for reading or studying.

8.Apart from general and decorative lights, LED’s in the market today offer varying color temperatures. These hugely alter the ambience of spaces.

9.The most preferred temperature for decorative lights are between 2700K-3000k (aka warm daylight) which is more yellow in tone and gives a cozy feel to the space.

10.General lighting is preferred at a color temperature range of 3500-4500k (aka cool White). Anything above 4500K is considered white light and should be used only for retail and commercial spaces – avoid bringing this sterile light into your a home! The designer’s rule of thumb on lighting – strike a balance between general and decorative as well as warm light and day light. This will help set your home apart creating various moods within the same space!