MOKSH by Gallery Veda @ Shilpa Architects

18 Jan 2015, MOKSH Opening Reception at Gallery Veda @ Shilpa Architects.

Splashes of color, different hues, endless narratives that emerge into beautiful forms, this exhibition has an antiquated yet contemporary dynamic that draws you to it. Ramesh Gorjala, Saraswathi, Sachin Jaltare, and Sreekanth Kurva take the viewer through a dance of form and formlessness with intense detail and sensitivity.

Gorjala’s distinct imagery unfolds into intricate Hanuman, Vishnu and Buddha figures that engage both the body and mind in a modern twist. For Saraswathi, her fluid Radha’s and Krishna’s with their unmistakable expressions draws the viewer to their world. Jaltare on the other hand merges both figurative and abstract – Shiva, spirituality, and symbolism on a canvas! Kurva is a master of watercolor and collage. Rich Banarsi fabric entwined in bulls and roosters laid threadbare on canvas intrigues in his delicate and unmistakable style.

Each with a unique style tries to attain what we all seek for, Moksh.

Exhibition on till 11 March 2015.