Our Young Designers..

To be young is to be fresh. Our studio brims with such talent and we are excited to introduce some young designers to you. So make way for them..


Name : Joe Paul

Joe hails from the state of Kerala and belongs to a family where no one has had a career in architecture, leave alone anything related to art or design.

“I wanted to do something different, like a start a new trend in my family. Also I believe that being an architect is a matter of prestige.”, he says with a twinkle in his eyes.

Speaking on his biggest strength as an architect, he adds, “”As an architect, for me function comes before form. More than aesthetics, I’m interested in solving functional problems. Will the building design ensure appropriate water supply? How do I ensure an elderly man conveniently reaches the restroom at night? I believe architects define spaces through their practical, efficient and user friendly design. Such a thinking process is my biggest strength.”

A shy Joe gradually begins to communicate more as the conversation goes on. He is focussed and has very clear goals, a much admirable trait for a youngster.

“I wish to be a well renowned and famous architect one day, a founder, a pioneer. I want people to remember me for my achievements, and a Wikipedia page on me won’t be so bad either.”, he winks.

kavya fbpic

Name : Kavya Kalyan

“Do we have to do this?”, Kavya blushes uncomfortably as the conversation begins.

Kavya studied architecture at a university in Gujarat. A passionate dancer, her tryst with Shilpa began during her thesis research on designing a dance space in Chennai.

” I like to see how architecture and dance relate. It is very interesting.” , she says.

Kavya believes in the ability of spaces to create positive environments. “When people walk into my space, I want them to experience positive energy, I want the environment to change how they feel.”, she adds.

“As a child, I would imagine spaces. I used to draw my own dream house.”, she says, slightly opening the window to her heart.

The thing with a creative profession is that it is easy to get lost in the creativity and have trouble turning it into reality.

“Once I started working as an architect, I realized that I had to be creative with certain constraints. But the challenge lies in working your way around them.”, she says.


mridula fb

Name : Mridula Swaminathan

Creativity and art oozes out of this latest recruit. With a background in architecture, music and dance, Mridula has all the skills it takes to be able to express herself through design.

“I studied architecture but now I’ve taken up Interior Design as a profession.”, she says. ” I love design history. I like to read and research on design across various centuries. It inspires me.”

Mridula believes that design should be suited to a client’s taste and research is required to gauge that.

“I’m a person who asks a lot of questions. I need clarity before I design. I like to find out what kind of person the client is, what his preferences are. For instance, when I had to design a puja door for a Jain family, I decided to research Jain architecture history and their cultural preferences. I discovered that they use a lot of marbles and jaali patterns.”, she adds. She believes that such a design process makes the client feel more comfortable.