Project Focus: Sandalwood Room, Singapore


Apr 2014: Project Focus – Sandalwood Room (Singapore)

The sandalwood room is a shophouse renovation project located off Orchard Road in Singapore. A two storey shophouse as part of the Prinsep Street of restaurants, the property is unique in its shop house characteristics. The small front yard and private gate is a feature unlike most other declared historic preservation districts in Singapore with the continuous colonnade feature.

The intent of the restoration is to change usage of the shophouse from an existing restaurant to a retail outlet that features jewellery, gifts, clothing and a small cafe.

Through a series of permitting changes with the Singapore Govt URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) the change in use was sanctioned according to the historic preservation guidelines for shophouses.

The design features the prominent sandalwood court as the focal feature of the store. Inspired by swings from a tree, the tree-inspired artwork is composed of recycled antiques and rich Indian brocade fabrics from which the entire register and cash counter is ‘suspended’.

The design aspects take into account recycled metal elements juxtaposed with white distressed wood finishes.