Romanian Public Television Interview: Cătălin Ştefănescu

Mrs. Sheila Sri Prakash, Founder and Chief Architect, Shilpa Architects Planners Designers participated as a Special Guest at the SHARE International & Engineering Forum Bucharest 2017 edition, which took place on March 21 – 22, at the Marriot Hotel, in Bucharest, Romania. 

She was invited as a “Pioneering Architect” and interviewed by Cătălin Ştefănescu, the host of the one of the most popular shows – Guaranteed 100% (since 1999) in the Romanian Public Television. The program is also made available in TVR+ Media (, the Live streaming portal and archive for TVR 1, TVR 2, TVR 3, TVR International, TVR Moldova, TVR HD and all regional channels in Romania. The portal also showcases in its archive, Romanian movies and serials in the section “Exclusive TVR +”.

Interview (Youtube Link):

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About the show:

(Translated from

Superlative guaranteed 100%

“Hello, hello to everyone!”, Says Cătălin Ştefănescu in a warm voice. He smiles in front of the cameras and starts the “Guaranteed 100%” show again.

And you look at it and see how the team’s enthusiasm, which started off in 1999, still feels on every show. Cătălin Ştefănescu did not get tired at all or, as he himself says, “it is not necessary to blow ourselves up,” and every encounter is yet another occasion to show people that Guaranteed 100% has become “our way of doing and understanding television “.
Guaranteed 100% revolves around the guests, they are the ones who dictate the progress of the production, because in the end, the show is about them, not the presenter. That’s how we see Catalin smile at the natural dialogue between Neagu Djuvara and Marcus Solomon, without him stopping. “It’s absolutely fabulous what the two of them do. Sometimes I do not exist there, they are talking to each other, “Catalin says.
At Djuvara, Pleşu, Wally Ollins or Joe Cocker, no one has to make any introductions, but there are many invited guests who are not as well known. For them, on the other hand, Catalin Ştefănescu guarantees. Researchers, scientists, almost anonymous writers, or teachers are brought in because they hide a fabulous destiny and are “worth discovering us”, and people look at the show because after 16 years they are sure of Stefanescu’s words. “This audience that follows us trusts us, and then those people get some credibility. We need to present her trust, “Catalin says.
But no matter who is sitting in the red armchair, his answers seem to follow the line of the songs that are heard on the plateau. Everything comes naturally. Then the guest opens and the interview leaves those rigid rules. He heard Horia-Roman Patapievici, after he spoke of the condemnation of communism, as he breathed tiredly and said to Catalin “ah, I was angry!”; Laurie Anderson, the “grandmother” of the avant-garde rock, smiles and confesses to her, “I should say what art is, though I do not know what it is, I would say it’s a kind of sensual exhilaration, a Kind of … Leave the message, do not think about it! It’s just something that leaves us with a hoarse mouth. ” And then see how the guest opened in front of the cameras as if he had only spoken to the moderator. “When this happens, I abandon the lesson for home. The opening was so great and the meeting took a course so different that I let it go further,” he recalled.
At this theater play, as Catalin likes to describe his show, you are destined. You put yourself on an equally comfortable armchair and look at the “things that float in the air”. Once again, as in the last 17 years, we also guarantee for Ştefănescu. We guarantee 100%.
The show is broadcast on TVR 1, Sunday at 23:00, on TVR 3, Tuesday at 21:00, and online on TVR +.

About the Interviewer Cătălin Ştefănescu:

He gave them guarantees at each edition, and viewers made him one of the most successful cultural shows. Cătălin Ştefănescu presents “our way of doing television”.