The Sandalwood Room – Photoshoot


Aug 2014: Project Focus – Sandalwood Room (Singapore).

Come inspire the artist in you at The Sandalwood Room.

We understand the art lover in you, who looks for the detail, someone who goes beyond the ordinary. Come and appreciate the finer things in life. Stop by, envelope yourself in a room full of creative possibilities and live the moment.

Everyone has a place, that they consider their favorite. For memories, moods, inspiration or just to unwind in the company of art and innovation.

One such place will be The Sandalwood Room! A quaint and beautiful world of all things unique, ethnic, colorful and sublime inspirations of carefully selected fashion wear, jewellery, home décor and design wear. A place situated at the heart of Singapore, where you can just step in and make a pause! A pause, away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside. A pause from your everyday rigor, as you step in and forget yourself.

Come escape the ordinary! Be suspended in reality!

Credits & Courtesy: The Sandalwood Room