A Tribute to Women Architects

iDecorama, a leading print and digital publication, and go-to destination for the latest in Architecture and Design featured Ar. Sheila Sri Prakash, Founder and Chief Architect Shilpa Architects Planners Designers during their Women’s Day Special story “A Tribute to Women Architects”.


Zaha Hadid herself has said that architecture is ‘a man’s world’. The talented powerhouse that she was, Hadid managed to break many glass ceilings in her lifetime to become a household name in architecture. Given the incredible heights that Hadid has achieved, the least we can do is avoid restraining her in an unequal correlation of men is to women architects- Hadid was crazy talented, and no match for any of her male contemporaries. Women architects in the West may slowly be getting their due, but the lack of attention given to Indian women in the field is a lingering concern. We look at some of the sharpest and artistic architectural minds that have shaped our buildings.

3. Sheila Sri Prakash

A natural genius and a born artist, Prakash gave her first Bharatanatyam Arangetram (official showcase) at age six. With the kind of personality that turns everything it touches into gold, her entry into architecture, which took place sometime in her 20-year performance career, was quite phenomenal. She is the first Indian woman architect to start her own firm, Shilpa Architects, and is credited for founding the modern discipline of Spaciology, the study of spaces and the way people interact with them. A conservationist, she is known for her thorough insights into the micro-constraints that define each construction. As a professional performer, she excels in Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Veena, Classical Indian music, painting and sculpting. Oh, and she also makes movies.

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