Advanced Night Vision Glass Factory

Competition Entry

The entire planĀ for the Advanced Night Vision Glass factory is based on the CONNECTION between local culture and Industry 4.0. In the plan, this comprises the Culture Plaza and Internet of Things (IoT) Plaza connected by the Information Tube – all of this laid out in plan in the shape of an “Advanced Night Vision Goggle”.

“The main principle of the Master Plan takes the people on the campus through a journey – starting with local kalamkari (culture plaza) through to the practices of Industry 4.0 (IoT Plaza) while constantly exposing them to eduction and data (Information Tube) so that they may imbibe a digital culture from their surroundings.” – Pavitra Sriprakash, Lead Master Planner

Industry 4.0 compliance is largely focused on Digital Technology for the future of manufacturing and linking all processes within the manufacturing zones through systems that make it compliant. These systems can easily be put into place with little bearing on the physical master plan.

However, in order to design a facility that is Industry 4.0 relevant the focus must shift to the PEOPLE and the connection of technology and the staff. From interviews with industrial companies, the biggest challenges center around internal issues such as culture, organization, leadership and skills. The absence of a digital culture and the right training was identified as a top challenge by more companies.

Our Master Plan Design focuses on PEOPLE & CULTURE to drive this transformation. By adding spaces which can infuse this DIGITAL CULTURE into the staff ofĀ the factory, the design delivers empowering data to the staff when they are merely moving through the site passively.

This way the people understand their role in the transformation required to be Industry 4.0 compliant – by living and breathing this culture they become in tune with it. Modifying behaviour through neuroscience and spatial design, it is possible to drive the staff into this digital culture while they go about their daily functions and routine lunchtime habits.

The main visitors entry has a formal landscape feel with a grand double height porch and the statue of the Founder and MD of the Factory.


Accessible green roofs along with the Open Air Theater serve as informal gathering areas for the staff and workers to house internal functions of a medium scale.


Staff typically spend 6 minutes on average daily within the information tube. This time is used to further empower them with the data and knowledge as part of their Industry 4.0 training.


The culture plaza connects people to the Management Offices and Canteen. Everyday people will come into this space which is inspired by kalamkari prints and nature.


IoT Plaza is on one end of the information tube which can have large digital displays for knowledge sessions and screenings for the staff to infuse an Industry 4.0 culture into them. This can also be used to display large format daily messages to the staff at large.


The staff walkway is naturally shaded on both sides for a pleasant entry experience for the staff within the site.


The wellness terrace is an informal area where the information tube breaks between buildings. The terrace is naturally shaded and has areas for staff to have informal health and wellness sessions between work.