Architecture and Cities in Transition (ACT)

Sheila Sri Prakash, Founder and Chief Architect, Shilpa Architects Planners Designers, was invited to speak about her perspective on the theme of the Architecture and Cities in Transition (ACT) conference – “Borders”- at the Tampere Architecture and Design (TADA) Week 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. 

The presentation analyses her life experiences of ”borders”, and her design responses to transcend or blur the borders of the questions posed.

 TADA Act program

Brief synopsis of her talk:

Transcending Borders in Indian Architecture and Culture

We encounter “Borders” all through our lifetimes. Some of these are rigid and physical which have to be respected, but most are created by perception and mindsets, which are therefore amenable to interpretation and negotiation. In the process of design the microclimate, societal aspirations, availability or dearth of natural resources, technologies, budget constraints, so on and so forth set limits or challenges. At the edges are borders where limits are pushed through design thinking, intuition and out of the box innovations. Alternately inspirations and cultures intersect, where inter mingling and freedom throw up solutions that exemplify inclusiveness and new social orders. India is an ancient idea of tolerance and immigrants from Europe, Central Asia and Far East have over civilizations left their indelible footprints in arts and science.

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