ECOLOGIC: Move over plastics; bioplastic is here

27 Aug 16, Pavitra Sriprakash, Director and Chief Designer, Shilpa Architects Planners Designers writes about using Bioplastics over the traditional plastics, in a column on Sustainability (ECOLOGIC) for The New Indian Express.


These new age plastics called ‘bioplastic’ (BP) are derived from renewable biomass sources — aka vegetable fats, oils and corn starch. BP can be made from agricultural by-products or reused plastic bottles. They do not use as much fossil fuels (or petrochemicals) like common plastics. Hence they tend to produce less greenhouse gases in their life cycle. BPs are composed of starches, cellulose, biopolymers, and a variety of other materials. ‘Global Bioplastics Market 2016-2020,’ forecast the global BPs market to have a compound annual growth rate exceeding 29% by 2020. This is great news for global sustainability and heralds a new dawn for a world that will be less dependent on conventional plastic.

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