Art of Living International Women’s Conference

7-9 Feb 2014: Art of Living International Women’s Conference: Sheila Sri Prakash, the Chief Architect of Shilpa Architects to participate as a speaker for the session titled “Finding the Perfect Solution” on 8th Feb from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Session details:
The fast pace of modern life requires that we constantly solve problems all the time. When the orientation of our mind is positive, then we are joyful and can face challenges with dynamism and enthusiasm, and harmonious solutions emerge. The purpose of this session is to share how nurturing human values and spirituality is the secret to the expression of harmony in body, mind and spirit leading to the experience that life is beautiful in spite of any challenges.

Speakers for the session:
1. Hema Malini, Member of Parliament and Film Actor, India
2. Irina Rukina, Co-chair, Counsel of Consolidation for Women’s Movement, Russia
3. Dr. (Mrs.) Aneela Darbar
4. Dr. Srividya Ramasubramanian, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Communication, Texas A&M University, USA, Visiting Professor at National University of Singapore, Founder/Exec. Dir. of Media Rise
5. Ms. Sheila Sri Prakash, Architect and Urban Designer, Founder, Shilpa Architects, Chennai, India
6. Ms. Shiren Ibrahim Fatah, Political Leader, Iraq

See for agenda.