Hablis Hotel – Chennai

Shilpa Architects and the execution division Stone Lotus were appointed to design and build the entire public area and suite room for the recently opened business hotel in the heart of Chennai.

The public areas of the Hablis hotel encompass the lobby and main restaurant along with allied lounges and toilets. The space has a double height and is overlooked by the bar and the access to the bar. The design of the lobby instils grandeur by the oversized crystal chandelier. The balance between contemporary styling and classic detailing is maintained by adding bold elements of geometry as is seen in the treatment of wood and wall panelling alike. The alternate up and down lighting of the detail further accentuates the bold and textural quality of the geometry.

The classic details are brought in through the intricate inlay of the mother of pearl along the entry portals. Three grand entry portals are planned with a careful emphasis on the central main portal. Through careful lighting the focus of the customer is automatically channelled to this main entry feature which is further embellished through the decorative pendent chandelier in front of it. The usage of marble is extensive and the ground plane is deliberately kept free of man standing obstacles so that the space has a nice openness to it.

The restaurant (Skillet) is primarily the main F&B outlet of the entire hotel. With a focus on Mexican food, The Skillet was planned such that it functions during the day as the main food service area, while at night offers a special menu with the focus on cuisine. The interiors are kept neutral with accents inspired by the blue agave. The artwork and Talavera accents further focus on the specialty of the restaurant while being the prime colour additions in an otherwise neutral metallic inspired space.

Image Courtesy: www.hablis.com