German Government Recognition for Sheila Sri Prakash

German Government Recognition for Sheila Sri Prakash


Sheila Sri Prakash founded SHILPA in 1979 as a one woman office, andis serving the Indian real estate industry with devotion and passion for the past 32 years. She hasreceived several accolades and recognition as a practicing architect, as an activist championing public and humanitarian values; and in service to architectural education.


In March 2011, the Leibniz University Hanover, Germany and University of Valencia, Spain – both
recognised European schools of architecture decided to introduce the Works of Women Architects inGermany and other part of the World through a travelling Exhibition to showcase the challenges ofsuccessful women architects while balancing their daily lives. The Exhibition aims to recogniseoutstanding contributors to sustainability in Architecture, environment and ecology among WomenArchitects.


Sheila has been chosen to represent India and is featured alongside women architects from Germany,Spain, England, Iran, Netherlands, Switzerland and Ecuador. The University while conferring thisrecognition, said they were proud to include her as the representative from India, “as the first womanwho opened her own Office in India”.


We at SHILPA are honoured to represent India in this high forum, and dedicate this citation to ourClients, Staff, fellow Consultants, Contractors, Manufacturers, Artisans and Tradesmen. We drawinspiration from this unique award as we continue with our vigorous efforts to make a differencethrough architecture and design.


M.V. Sri Prakash