The World Economic Forum invites Sheila Sri Prakash to the 2011 Global Agenda Council on Design Innovation

The World Economic Forum invites Sheila Sri Prakash to the 2011 Global Agenda Council on Design InnovationThe first Indian Architect to be invited to the Design Innovation Council of the WEF


Ms. Sheila Sri Prakash, Founder and Chief Architect of Shilpa Architects, was recently invited to be a Member of the 2011 – ’12 Global Agenda Council (GAC) on Design Innovation at the World Economic Forum (WEF). By participating in the Network of Councils, its distinguished members have the opportunity to globally influence the socio –economic development, and poverty alleviation issues in all parts of the developing world. Sheila was recognized in Apr 2011 by the Government of Germany in partnership with Leibniz University, Hanover, Germany & University of Valencia, Spain as one among seven women architects in the world to have made significant contribution to sustainable planning.


According to the WEF, “Design is an agent of change that enables us to understand complex changes and problems, and turn them into something useful by bringing together world’s leading designers and design thinkers. This Council serves as a unique source of inter-disciplinary expertise to the wider network of Councils.” Sheila’s responsibilities at the GAC on Design Innovation are primarily to contribute her knowledge as a practicing architect, planner and designer in multiple ways to leverage the existing knowledge, share critical lessons learned and build innovative ideas in the framework of the Councils’ discussions. Also it is her responsibility to provide substantive editorial inputs in the issue identification and issue description (issue maps) of the Design Innovation Council and that of related Councils on an ongoing basis.


The Global Agenda Councils (GACs) of the WEF are selective, invitation-only groups comprised of international authorities on each Council’s subject matter. Members are drawn from academia, business, government and other relevant stakeholder groups with diverse backgrounds, ethnicity, education and work experience. This Invitation to Ms. Sheila by the GAC is based especially on her recognition at the international level by peers as a global leader in her field; and ability to articulate her ideas in a way that influences the prevailing thinking on topics related to the Design Innovation Council.


Members meet annually at the Summit on the Global Agenda and virtually throughout the year, where they monitor key trends, identify global risks, map interrelationships and address knowledge gaps. Equally important, they put forward ideas and recommendations to address global challenges.


It is a great honour to be invited to the GAC and a privilege to collaborate with acknowledged global minds to address far reaching issues concerning education, well being and health, disaster management, migration, urbanisation, infrastructure development, sustainability and a number of connected issues.


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